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Ziwa to Red Chilli Hideaway, Kampala (Feb 22)

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Just after we had our breakfast we were told there was another group of Rhinos around the restaurant and not to make too much noise! By the time we were ready to leave they were gone, or so we thought... Four of them were having a nap in the middle of the road on our way to the exit of the sanctuary. Padraig nudged the van forward and they reluctantly got out of the way...
We had decided to abandon our thoughts of going to Rwanda etc. There just isn't enough time. Instead, we headed for Kampala. This was the main road from Masindi to Kampala and was tarmac. Not too many potholes either. Sheer bliss!
Kampala itself is another story altogether! Thank God for sat nav and the size of the truck! Cars and motorbikes everywhere, matt us and pedestrians in between. Scary! But we made it. The last 200 meters were a bit of a challenge, to say the least, but once we were inside the gates it was great! A nice spot to park, a camper's kitchen with cooker and fridge, a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, a real pizza oven and laundry facilities to boot. And very reasonably priced as well. The WiFi allowed me to sit by the pool and update the blog, while himself was having a swim. Great stuff!

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Masindi to Ziwa Rhino Camp (Feb 21)

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We stopped in Masindi itself for some groceries (a very eclectic selection) and some money. Most of the road was very good, as it is the main road to Kampala, but the last 7km was back to the usual: dusty and bumpy. The Uganda Rhino Fund runs the Rhino conservation programme. Rhinos became extinct in Uganda in 1983, due to poaching and civil unrest. The first 2 rhinos were reintroduced to Uganda in Entebbe Zoo. There are now a total of 21 rhinos in Uganda, the 2 in the zoo and 19 in Ziwa. We went rhino trekking with a ranger and were very lucky to come upon new mam Malaika with her baby son Noel, who was born last Christmas. He is the youngest calf in Ziwa. Later we met another group of 4. I had seen rhinos before, but never this close! Absolutely fantastic! After dinner and coffee, some other campers knocked on the door of the van to tell us there was a big bull rhino grazing in the camp. He was enormous, but we were told to stay between the buildings and be quiet! In the morning there was another group around the restaurant and on leaving the camp there was a group lying in the middle of the road blocking our exit!

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Red Chilli to Masindi (Feb 20)

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After a good night’s sleep, an interesting breakfast (cold toast, cold egg, and a big slice of pineapple) and a pot of freshly brewed real coffee, we were ready for the next day. We weren’t quite sure where to spend that night, but we headed for the gate on the southside of the park. It was very hot, and we couldn’t open the windows as we were followed by swarms of tsetse flies. Not knowing how dangerous they were, we felt it was better to be safe than sorry! They got in anyway, and we were both armed with maps and newspapers to try and kill the b*st*rds! Blood on the windscreen where-ever we got one!
We pulled up at Kanyio Pabidi, an ecolodge from where they organise chimp trekking. They told us it was probably a trek of 3 hours over very uneven ground and I did not feel I would be able for it. Apart from the fact that I was still afraid of the flies… I settled down with a book and a packet of biscuits and Padraig went looking for chimps! I was glad I did not go. It took 3 hours and it had not been easy going. There were loads of chimps, but unfortunately the pictures did not turn out well…
At the park gate the ranger told us that the tsetse flies in the park do not carry the sleeping sickness, so that put our minds at ease!
Masindi was not too far away and Padraig had read something about the Masindi Hotel, an old colonial hotel, where Katherine Hepburn stayed during the making of African Queen. We found it on the outskirts of Masindi and it turned out that they had a lovely campground as well at the back of the hotel. The showers were only magic! A power shower head, adjustable in height, and hot water!
When we went to the bar for a drink there was a display of traditional dancing and singing on the go. All very pleasant. We had a look at the menu and decided to have dinner in the restaurant as well. They even had high speed wifi! All extremely civilised! In the morning I had the most fabulous shower and finally washed all that dust right out of my hair!

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Murchison Falls National Park (Feb 19)

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It was approximately 48km from the gate to the ferry. On the way we saw loads of buck and warthogs, some giraffes and plenty of birds. Unfortunately the roads were very, very bad (and yes, dusty again). The noise drove me demented. Padraig checked the bike rack and it turned out that one of the mounts had broken off. When we got to the ferry at Paraa around 12, Padraig decided to take off the bike rack and donated it to a happy bystander. This was a big improvement, but by that time I had my fill of noise and dust and just wanted to get onto the ferry and to the campsite… We took the 2 o’clock ferry and arrived at the Red Chilli Rest Camp around 2.30. Very nice, lovely views, decent toilets, cheap food and drink and helpful staff. The camp organises trips to the Falls, but since it was early we decided to make our own way. In the beginning road was not too bad, but after turning off for the Falls, it became too much even for Padraig! So we turned around, got back to base and chilled for the rest of the afternoon. Dusk saw the arrival of zillions of midges. They were just everywhere, in spite of gallons of repellent. But a big campfire was lit, and the smoke of that kept them at bay…

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Gulu to Murchison Falls (Feb 18)

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We did not want to travel the same road as the previous day, after spending nearly 2 hours cleaning the van of all the dust that had settled everywhere inside and out! So we drove south towards Karuma and took the road to Pacwach, veering off the main road in Purongo for 7km of another dusty road full of potholes… Murchison Safari Camp was our stop for that night. It is just outside the Wangkwar gate to the park. We were greeted by a very nice young couple, Padraig cooked pasta for dinner and we settled in for the night early.

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