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Nakuru to Iten

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We left the Kivu Resort after a good look around. There was a lovely kiddies playground and a fabulous pool area. Unfortunately we had no time for a swim. Even though we don't travel long distances, the roads and the traffic make the journey much longer than expected! Anyway, Padraig braved the city traffic again, with its mopeds (up to 5 people on 1), matatus everywhere, no traffic lights, but no accidents either. Miraculous! On the main road, the A104, traffic was not too bad as it was Sunday. Still plenty of lorries on the road, creeping up hills at 20 miles an hour.
The campsite we were headed for was approx 5k beyond Iten. The last 350 meters or so were a bit of a challenge, but Padraig got to try out his 4 wheel drive skills.. I was very impressed! We were welcomed by Timothy, who showed us to a nice spot with great views. There were quite a few people lounging on the grass, just out for the Sunday afternoon, but by the time Padraig had cooked our dinner, we had the place to ourselves. After dinner we joined Timothy in the bar for a drink. Padraig had a cold beer and I brought in my own wine, as there was only sweet stuff on sale... Later on we were joined by Timothy's Father Francis, the owner of Lelin Overland Camp and a mango farmer as well. That sorted our breakfast. As soon as I mentioned that I love mangos, Francis went to get a couple. The conversation did not always run smoothly, but was very interesting. Francis raised 11 children, 7 boys and 4 girls and put them all through college. That is a lot of mangos!
The next morning Timothy unlocked one of the cottages, so we could have a shower. All very civilised. After our mango and yoghurt breakfast we were ready for the next stage of our trip.

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From Jungle Junction to Nakuru

Saturday, February 11, 2017

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So, Saturday morning we got ready to leave Jungle Junction. First had a leisurely breakfast with Steph and Richard, collected our washing and then packed up the van. Filled up with water and got rid of the waste water: “just open the tank and drive around the grassy area”.
Another lovely couple I forgot to mention on Friday drove up in their Landrover to say their goodbyes. Margrit, a South African lady (Swiss parents) and her American husband Russ spend their retirement fundraising and supporting small conservation projects around Africa (www.Nikela.org). Russ had spent a couple of hours giving Padraig lots of information on roads and places to stay. Russ proudly showed all of us the fantastic kit-out of “Landy”. A place for everything. Tent on the roof, but also a small tent for camping on the ground. After taking a few pictures of the group, they were the first to leave. We set off for Nakumat, a big supermarket nearby to stock up on essentials: beer, wine and a box of Muesli…
We stayed on the A104, a nice tar road, with only the odd speed bump. We had fantastic views of the Rift Valley to our left, but I was unable to take pictures. Himself just kept going! Around Gilgil we came to a complete standstill. Stuck behind a tanker, we couldn’t move. All around us cars and matatu’s were driving off the road to a lower dirt road, to try and by-pass the traffic jam. We had planned a break anyway, so got something to drink and a snack from the back and amused ourselves waving at all the children on the side of the road.
Finally things started moving again and we reached Nakuru around 5 o’clock. A very busy town! People and traffic everywhere and rules don’t really seem to apply. We decided to try Kivu Resort as we couldn’t find any other campsites within easy reach. Reviews on iOverlander were not great, but all in all it turned out ok. Staff were very helpful and friendly, although they couldn’t quite figure out what a camper was… Basically it is a small campsite attached to a “resort”; there are rooms, conference rooms, bars, a restaurant and a lovely looking pool. The receptionist came with us to switch on the lights and check on the ablution block. As we had it all to ourselves it did not matter there were no doors on the showers. Very basic, but ok for one night. This morning we woke up to goats roaming around the van…
Today the plan is to head out to Iten, slightly north-east of Eldoret. Apparently there are fantastic views over the Rift Valley (thanks for the tip Russ), and it is where all the Kenyan athletes do their training under the guidance of Bro Colm O’Donnell from Cork!

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Jungle junction

Still here...

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This will be our last day in Jungle Junction. Padraig has more or less done the jobs he wanted to do on the van, and I made a dent in my embroidery and am halfway through one of my books on the Kindle. While here, we had dinner in JJ's every night, meeting very interesting people. There is grey-haired Helga from Germany. A very diminutive lady of undetermined vintage, who has driven her 17 year old Swiss army truck single- handedly all around the world; Welsh Sally and Scottish Jeff from Australia, travelled the America's on two motorbikes, getting married in an Elvis chapel in Vegas on the way and are now heading north towards Europe; last night Steph and Richard arrived. She is from Canberra, he is from Groningen, they met in China, got married in Indonesia, and travelled Africa on one motorbike. They are shipping the bike to Dubai this week, hope to travel to Oman after that, and are heading for the Netherlands in a couple of months. And then there is the Dutch couple from Noord Holland in their MAN truck, who also have travelled the world over the last couple of years... Who said WE were adventurous.
We had an email from Sheila, the lady in the Kampala Action Aid office to arrange final details for our visit to Felix, the lad we have sponsored over the last five years. It has all been arranged for next Friday, 17th February. I just hope they won't go to too much trouble...
Tonight is weekly BBQ night here in JJ's. Probably our last decent meal for a while!

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First day

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After two very uneventful and pleasant flights on Ethiopian Airways we arrived in Nairobi at 11 o'clock on the 7th of February. We were greeted by taxi driver Samuel (I think), bright sunshine and 27 degrees and headed straight for Jungle Junction. I was very surprised to see the enormous changes that had taken place in the time since we were last in Kenya. It started with the airport itself. New arrival halls had been built and everything looked bright and modern. Roads have been constructed or are under construction and the new bypass took us to JJ''s in less than 30 minutes.
The van was there waiting for us and started at the first turn of the key! By 2 o'clock we were unpacked, had everything stowed away and made the beds. Time to catch up on some sleep!
After making contact with our friend Brona, we decided to give Samuel a call to drive us over to her house in Muthaiga, on the other side of the city. (Our sat nav was not working yet...). We had a lovely dinner with Brona and her husband Vincent (yes, in the garden) and caught up on all the news. After breakfast this morning, Samuel picked us up again and drove us "home". Thanks Vinnie and Brona for a lovely night. We hope to see you at the end of our trip!
Right now Padraig is doing a few things in and around the van, I started on the embroidery that my friend Margreet gave me "to keep me busy", and then we will head for Duncan''s to get diesel, a bit of lunch and do some shopping. Life is good!

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Getting ready


We made the lists, did the shopping and gathered everything in the conservatory, ready for packing. There is a bit of everything: stuff for the van, such as airfilters, brackets, steps, and lots of other stuff that I have no idea what it is for... Then there are the bits and bobs we want to bring to Felix, the child in Uganda we have been sponsoring for the last five years. Padraig thought it was a good idea to make him a quilt, so I did. We also got a few footballs, that can be used by all the boys in the village and some school supplies. Our personal items such as clothes and toiletries will probably take up least space...
Our house- and dog sitter Brenda will arrive this weekend, so our Fionn will be well taken care off!
Just two birthdays to get out of the way now, James on Sunday and Padraig on Monday. Our flight is at 5.30pm on Monday afternoon to Addis Ababa, where we change planes for the last hop to Nairobi. Jungle Junction, here we come!

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